Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pictures for you.....and two cents


My Easter flowers....daffodils and jonquils......are up and are blooming beautifully just a week after my last two cents.  Sadly they won't be around by Easter, but they give us all the joy of the time and hope of good things to come.  I love spring....waking things up.....and fall.....putting them to bed.

How nice to live so close....to hear them yelling at each other!
One day after school, Abby and the boys arrived to chat with me and here are some shots of them....

Last Thursday I went to the shop and stitched a bit back in the framing area....It is so interesting the people I see and get to chat with......Ann, who first found us on Rt. 1, followed us to Olde Ridge Village, and now to Springwater Plaza.  I was working on the octagonal box that I have shared with you (and now have completed actually) and while stitching  I stuck my finger with the needle and blood!!!! on my stitching no less... Remembering my Girl Scout days, I took some of my "spit" and put it on the spot and in just a few seconds it was gone.  Our saliva is the best thing to remove the stain of blood and it is real handy!!

Schoolgirl Sampler by Blue Ribbon

Beth stitched this piece as I mentioned and completed it in 2010.  Before starting on an octagonal box by Blue Ribbon...Hand to Work and Hearts to God.....I did get this one she'd done completed .  It is at the shop.

On the last Friday at 9:00,
 actually 8:45 a.m.  I big bus from Perkiomen agency...spelling may not be correct, arrived for the annual visit to the shop.  Some 30 ladies load up somewhere and make the trek to our shop, the quilt shop at ORV, and on to other places around Lancaster.  As I've mentioned many times, we are located and live and a very historical area just west of Philadelphia and have much to enjoy and visit......from museums to gardens.....to quilt shops and counted cross stitch......knitting....take your pick.  
I am always blessed with the opportunity to go out, meet the bus, and greet the ladies....and driver.  They are always to kind.  I share with them how much it means to us that they have taken their time and money to come visit us......a counted cross stitch shop, and other shops around the area.  The small retail shopowner welcomes the times that others help us remember why we unlock the door each morning.  We had a great visit.....some returnees....and some new people......thanks a bunch for making our day!!!!!

Check out the border......remember my "compensation"
I have completed Token of Love that I had been working on and it is in the shop now.....this was a delightful piece that I used the overdyed checked fabric that I mentioned earlier.  I used the same fabric for the strawberries....put a couple of layers of fiberfill between front and back before I closed up the bottom.

Oh yes, after the bus left,  and I recalled the comments about how nice it was to see so many models and everything to pick from.......I thought here again we strive to make a difference to encourage others to use their hands and be creative.  Must admit, we are a bunch of "re-creators" most of the time, wanting to do it just like we see it hanging on the wall.  But do your own thing with color and fabric.....take a chance!!!!

I guess I will post this for now and perhaps add more later.  I heard on the radio by our local Dr . Bryan McDonough that chocolate was good to help you lose weight.....works on the BMI.  Oh yes, in small amounts.......but maybe chocolate with caramel is good too.   All the Easter candy....I have to put my hands in my pockets as I go through the stores.   

I'm not sure you can tell from the picture above at the top, but my Christmas tree which stands inside the barn doors right under the Moravian star, has a purple cloth tied to the handles......this is the season of Lent.  The tree lights are not on, just the star, and the spotlight shines at night.  On Sunday, the lights will come on as Palm Sunday brings the arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem and such excitement.  Good Friday......I always wonder why it is "Good Friday", but the lights go out, the black cloth is tied to the handles.....and sadness is indicated.  But early on Sunday morning, EASTER, I'll stretch the white cloth......lights all on.....
"He's alive"......BELIEVE.
My knowledge that God loves me in each and every moment comes from my Christian faith and my Bible as I think of all the stories of Jesus that I learned as a child and continue to learn.  Grow me up Lord , I say.  And He says,  "Rest in Me..........and girl.....JUST PEDAL
I just had the joy of singing the Requiem with my church choir on Sunday the 18th.....what a moving service. There is so much that challenges each of us every day and as I've said before how important it is to lean on one another and share.  I recall many years ago in a moment of severe depression that I yelled at God after I saw a bird just flying over my head.....not a care in the world it seemed....and I told the Big Boss, that if He knew that bird was flying over God provided for him.as the Bible stories go.....why couldn't He fix me up.  My faith was mightily stretched for many months......but in time I think He got through to me.  Google the words JUST PEDAL... this has become my mantra lately.....I have a picture story in my head of sitting on the back seat...often still trying to run the show.....
and He so kindly looks back and says,"  Just Pedal, Ruth Ellen"

Love to you......Happy Easter (Easta as they say in Boston)........and always take the time to 

Make a Difference..

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  1. What a lovely post. I would love to see your barn lit up on Easter morning. He is risen indeed!!!