Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where is spring???

Well, the calendar says it is spring......but .....I am packing to fly to Houston, Texas, tomorrow and it is supposed to be snowing here.   Supposedly it is very warm in we shall see. I have always wanted to see the Texas bluebonnets and am hoping this is my opportunity. 

Yesterday, the 23rd, I actually was a salesperson at the shop.  Beth asked me several days ago if I'd be there and Nancy, Phyllis, and I held down the fort.  I flubbed on the charge machine and had to ask for help but oh well.  The boys played a baseball game in Maryland......even in cold weather and did pretty well.  I was the dog sitter.

I have been busy stitching on some of the things the girls brought back from Nashville.  Winter Quakers has been my immediate task.  It is on its way to being quite nice.  Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor has used Valdani thread....three fine strands variegated.  So far so good.  I'm stitching it on an overdyed blue 28 ct. from Picture This Plus.  The colors and stitches are wide and varied.....but enjoyable to put in place.  Now hopefully I can get my picture of this in this chatter.  Here goes.

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