Sunday, March 24, 2013


This is called DREAM  by Just Another Button Company.  I am near the end, just adding all of the dots here and there....the buttons come next.  I just picked up another like chart from same company called Keeping Promises.  Noah's Ark......with darling buttons.  Next time I'll share it.

Now I'd like to add another chart and my start of work.....we shall see what happens

It worked.  This is an Imaginating design and is lovely.  I am stitching on antique white, 28 count I believe.  There is another like design called NOEL.......done on black.  Check the website and link to Imaginating and you may be able to see it.

Here goes a delightful piece with compensating changes I had to make.
 This is a called Patchwork is Happpiness   by  one of our new French companies.  You can see the layout of the design and when I started, which was in the upper left corner, I zipped right along, down the side, across the bottom, and then up to the top.  I decided I was tired of triangles and would begin the patchwork. Start at the left side I began with the offwhite thread just two threads from the triangle border. Worked to the next part of the patches and then up to the blue small border.  When I arrived at the center, I looked back and realized that I should have left four threads from the triangle border, not two. Therefore my center patch didn't line up........great.   and I'm not ripping it out.   So if you notice at the center of the patch just at the corner of the paper looks a bit different than the previous one.  Remembering my days in school with our Danish teachers........saying "compensate".....I did just that.  I added two stitches in the center of the can tell it when pointed out.  I will compensate across the remainder of the row with the correct patch.     Look for the next blog to check out.  I'm not much of a "ripper" and will do most anything not to take out the wrong stitches.......good thing or not good......otherwise I probably would have just put it in a box and looked for it two years from now!!!!!  Trust me it will look just fine and if I hadn't told you, hopefully you wouldn't have seen it.

My daffodils are ready to pop.....just as they look in the picture from a previous blog.  Today is Palm Sunday, tomorrow Passover, Good Friday, and then Easter.  Interestingly the showing of THE BIBLE on the History channel, which I watched with my grandson, helps fit the puzzle of Jesus entering Jerusalem for Passover celebration......and things took a change.  Often I think Jesus adopted me as I follow Him in my life for I wasn't born as a Jew or Israelly (sp)....just my thoughts.  My faith is such a real part of how I have survived the challenges of my life.   Many times, without the hope, trust, and love that I had been exposed to at Sunday School.....well, not sure where I'd be.

We all have taken many journeys through our lives....and many are in the midst of wondering "Why?"  I know in so many ways that we gather courage from sharing with others to simply lighten the burden .  My tree in the front is lighted with  BELIEVE  and as friends and neighbors drive by I trust they gain hope just seeing it.  Many from church always make some comment......BELIEVE....BELIEVE......even sometimes it is hard to do just that.  MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of others.......with just a hug.

I need to post this and pack my bags and pray that I can get to the airport and see my little brother tomorrow night......and his to all.......Ruth Ellen

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