Friday, May 3, 2013



Me and my little brother, Rick, in the bluebonnets!

Spring is coming....I can see it everywhere, but I had my first trip to Texas in bluebonnet season in the end of March.....probably just about a week ahead of big blooms, but beautiful.. I had a great time....didn't stitch a lick...just knitted and enjoyed my family.  Went to Baylor for girls basketball tournaments.....saw tall gal, Britney Greiner.....what an experience.  Former President Bush was there with Laura....and the team won.  My niece, Katy, goes there and we had a great time.

Got home to the daffodils blooming, altho I usually look for the pussy willow buds...none I could sing..."  Spring is coming, spring is coming, how do you think I know?  I saw some pussy willow. I know it must be so!"   I always sang that with my first graders in the mid 60's....and still sing it today!

Now, I have been stitching busily since I got back.....and I've even worked a Saturday at the shop and saw many wonderful friends....and actually helped people.  Molly is putting me on the list, so may see you sometime.  We have the most wonderful bunch of gals here who share their love of cross stitch with you all.  We truly feel like family....share each other's joys and challenges, give hugs and cry, and so much more.  Of course the framer talks to herself in the back, but she's happy being busy.  Have you come in for the framing sale yet?  On until the 18th!

O.K. updates on former projects if I can get this system to work for me.  DREAM.....Winter Quakers....and more.

DREAM is completed with all the dots and buttons.....frame is on the way. This was fun and different stitching it on the light blue fabric and overdyed floss.  The buttons finish it off!

Winter Quakers.....what a creation from Rosewood Manor by Karen Kluba....who by the way is sending a trunk show to arrive by May will be a sight to see.  I will point out then all the models I have stitched for the shop.  My Winter Quakers is thru the 3rd section of 9 .  This pic isn't the greatest, but the best I could do.

This is another design that Just Another Button Company  worked with to create. 
It is Noah's Ark, waves, the animals. and the dove at the top......coming along.  It is stitched on a blue green overdyed fabric with overdyed threads.

This is much prettier in the real, but Beth, you know the newsletter gabber, my daughter,  is stitching this .  It is on light blue fabric using Dinky Dyes....threads are silk and in blues and blue greens.  It is from Glendon Place.  It is called BAKED ALASKA.   These are called mandelas.....see one below just the chart  which is called GRASSHOPPER PIE.

This little Stitch Keeper is from Shepherd's Bush....Includes everything....

And one last project.  This is special and has lots of beads...from Mill Hill.....on pink 28ct. linen with all of the threads.  It says
 "SUCCESS is sometimes just having one more patch than you have holes in your inner tube"

I'm closing for now to post this....just got a call to pick up my Jim......will add more later


RE'S   one and half cents!

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